SB1 Track Handlebar

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Every detail has been scrutinized to create this bar. We’ve combined the perfect mix of drop and reach and the strongest along with the most durable carbon fiber possible to create the SB1. This bar is designed to put you in the perfect position for efficiency and aerodynamics and will stand up to the most most vicious of sprinters.

The riding position created by the design of the SB1 gives the rider a more aerodynamic position, and allows them to get extra reach without having to use an extremely long stem. This adds rigidity to the front end and improves handling of the bicycle.

- Infused gripper in the stem slamp to prevent bar slippage

- Infused gripped in the drops give you more control and eliminates the need for handlebar tape or grips.

- Integrated end plugs give you one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on what's important, going fast.

The SB1 Is the perfect storm of a track handlebar.