Olympus Pedal Strap

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When putting all your effort into the pedals, you need extra security for two reasons:

  • Safety, to keep you from pulling out of your pedals
  • Stiffening the upper of your shoe

We’ve tried all the options over the years, and made every detail of the Olympus Strap with our eye on improving current designs

  • 1 ½” strap width for a very secure connection to your pedals. You’ll stay in your pedals no matter what.
  • Zip tie hole placement allows you to install the strap to the pedals in the optimal position, the center of the foot.
  • We use a very strong nylon strap that will not flex. This means, your shoe will not flex when you’re putting everything into your sprint or start, thus increasing your power to the pedals and making you go faster.
  • Our straps are very easy so get in to when you’re on the bike. We’ve created our straps to form a loop, so getting your foot in is easy.

Free replacements for life. If your straps wear out, we’ll replace them for you at no charge!